Welcome to San Luis Outdoor Painters for the Environment

San Luis Outdoor Painters for the Environment (S.L.O.P.E.) is a group of professional artists who create artworks depicting the beauty and uniqueness of California’s Central Coast.Working with local and national organizations, we use our art to draw public attention to this area and generate funds for preserving local lands for open space, wildlife, and ecologically respectful recreation, ranching and farming.

Click Here for a Video of S.L.O.P.E.!

A quote from Chimineas Ranch Foundation, with whom S.L.O.P.E. collaborated:
“Impassioned artists, dedicated conservationists/environmentalists, and an eclectic but ever so lovable collection of painters whose work is technically superior, very beautiful and highly evocative. Any non-profit blessed by their support is lucky indeed. They capture not only the stunning images on a site but also enshrine them into the history of SLO (San Luis Obispo County).”

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